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Saturday night Another change of name of the couples was to protect the anonymity the night of Saturday, a very special event, which has worked so well that positively glowing afterwards. We had an email in our inbox a couple who were so happy. His profile was so attractive piccy. Profile oozed sensuality unique. And we hope against hope that they would meet nakedwomen for one and not the loss of time are common. For the scene would be the first time, so we can be sure to take your time and move at a pace that is comfortable. It could only have a drink, if that's all they wanted. After a quick call to make sure everyone was happy and we're ready for real time - of the agreements on MSN. is a You agree that sometimes in life was to have things, and desperate for nakedwomen their first experience bi fem and had never seen the pix of Ms. Liz N deemed to have been more. I said they were ready to go now and be with us in about 90 minutes. I have that tell that Mrs N was so excited. I realized it was really attractive Liz were the butterflies in your stomach. Would it be as good as expected. While N. PVC was the most sexy costume set that idolizes PVC. We exchanged some texts. Full of sexy hints and updates on how close we have. was 10 ish as expected. Mmmmmmm They were very friendly. They sat in the lounge and started chatting. We honestly felt as we have known for centuries. nakedwomen Great laugh. The conversation soon moved to the exchange of courtesies, the party could get started. One we know they already have the secret word which were green to go LOL to be replaced. Bob stood up and lifted his feet by Liz. He said that know how to party and followed up Liz 'take top to expose a top Basque exquisite. She is beautiful. He started rubbing her breasts. I could not resist and took Kim to their fees. I tugged at his jersey, K ShowMaybe at the top and skirt made ​​of PVC. We moved in together and experience that incredible moment when the round began to feel each other and touching sexy. The girls rubbed their breasts together and wife Liz and N exchanged their first kiss. Liz was there for the first time. The electricity between them was palpable. Rob turned and rubbed her buttocks and breasts Kim. I reveled in the form and shape of Liz 's hips. Then came the skirt to reveal her 10. Perfect 10 below. I was in heaven LOL. I planted a couple of tender kisses him as Rob did the same with Mrs. N. did not want, what about us nakedwomen guys with all nakedwomen the fun, so I asked the girls if they like a good time in the lounge on the nakedwomen ground of the fever. So we have sex picnic blankets on the floor. Given the fact that it was the first time that Liz had an absolute right thing trying to make it easy. Liz slept with a nice big pillow behind his head. N. began to kiss her body. Liz had taken Basque now, as she wanted to experience the fullness of your body, love of the lady, who was receiving nakedwomen in the process. N. passed between his legs and started kissing and licking her pussy beautiful. Soon, Liz broke with joy. It was obvious that everything I nakedwomen had dreamed. Ms N occasionally 36DD breasts rubbed up and down. Take a break to rub Liz. Liz orgasm began to grow. Defeated on the floor. We men could not resist, so we went and nakedwomen helped each other to suck her tits for pleasure nakedwomen even greater. Of course, all good things eventually end Then Mrs. N and Liz exchanged places. Liz September and returned the favor. I must say that Liz was a bi women I've ever seen. Some women with the formalities and say they are bi, but Liz is BI. His tongue curled endlessly around the waist sensual lips Mrs. N, her clitoris joke perfectly. Cum began flowing from the lady pussy N. Some women turn away and go with just your fingers. noLiz was brilliant and N. woman licks cum Musk brought joy towhat N. she was in heaven. N. treatment is sucking tits, and soon masturbates huge orgasm ripple through her body. In any case, after a while we stopped for a chat and class made ​​sure everyone was happy and comfortable with what had happened. Bob was very happy (as is), but enjoyed the voyeuristic aspects that he felt more. Fair enough. We suggested earlier that we in the bed. All agreed that it sounded better, so the place went up. I have followed Ms. Liz and N up the stairs weigh her ​​hips as she walked in front. What is a second view partial The bed comes a little later.
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